About us

We are a gaming community that has been around since 2012. Primarily we've hosted a Minecraft server, but we may occasionally try other games too. Some different things we've tried over the years have been Minecraft (factions, feed the beast, our custom magic server, un-modded), and recently Vintage Story.

Minecraft Main Server (Active)

Our Minecraft main server is driven by a custom coded plugin, and may have other plugins included as well.

Server address: mc.frostcraft.com

Vintage Story Server (Inactive)

Vintage story is a mostly un-modified server except for a discord chat integration. You can check the game out at https://www.vintagestory.at/

Server address: vs.frostcraft.com

Minecraft Mod-Pack Server (Inactive)

Our Minecraft mod-pack server where we've hosted packs such as Feed the Beast.

Server address: mod.frostcraft.com

Minecraft Creative Server (Inactive)

Our Minecraft creative server where we've hosted creative mode.

Server address: creative.frostcraft.com