Our rules are pretty simple, and you’ll find similar ones across most other communities. Basically, it comes down to not cheating and not harassing players.
Client Modifications
We ask that you do not modify your client to gain an unfair advantage over other players. This includes things such as no-fall, auto-hit, x-ray, auto-sprint, fly, speed, automated bots, etc. Modifications which only affect visual aspects of the game, such as Optifine and Mini-Map are fine provided that you do not use them to gain unfair advantages (such as using the player head feature in mini-map to see invisible players).
We ask that you keep spamming, advertising, sexism, racism and homophobia out of chat. Mild language not intended to harass other players is fine – this means that things such as “damn! that mob was strong” are okay. Things such as “PLAYER X IS AN A******”, however are not not okay.
Please do not create any inappropriate or offensive builds. Also, do not place signs with text that wouldn’t be allowed in chat.
Raiding and looting is allowed in unprotected land, and land you have access to. You are responsible for who you give access to your land. The admins won’t help if someone steals from a chest they were given access to. Do not grief or steal from protected land which you do not have access to through the use of exploits or glitches.
Do not summon or spawn excessive amounts of animals, blocks or items onto the ground, or create machines that cause lag. If we notice something is causing lag for other players on the server, it may be removed. We ask that you do not ask the admins or mods for free items or ranks, we don’t give out free things to specific players for no reason as it is unfair.